Brown CS Health and Wellness Advocates

Our Mission is improve the mental and physical health with the CS department on an individual and systemic level, as well as increase the sense of departmental community. We connect students with campus resources that are relevant to the issues or pressures they may be facing. Additionally, we collaborate with department to develop better policies and function as a facilitator between students and faculty. If you would like to talk to one of us, we hold weekly Health and Wellness hours (that are additionally available upon request) and can be reached at

Health and Wellness Hours

At Health and Wellness hours, you can seek help for any accessibility, physical and mental health barriers that you face while navigating the Brown Computer Science department as a student, TA, or even faculty.

Health and Wellness hours are also a place to check out resources that are available to Brown Computer Science students with regards to self-care and accessibility, and to provide feed back for how a course / the department can be more accessible.